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Thank you so very much  for helping!
I am not backed by special interests and don't have big campaign teams and donors.  So, every share of my flyer via in person, on social media or via email is so greatly appreciated.

Buying media to get these out is very expensnsive.  The more people share on their own, the greater the likelihood is that all citizens will at least have a choice and be informed.


Below is the PDF you can print double-sided to hand out to friends and neighbors.  This file can only be downloaded via a laptop not on mobile devices.  I am so grateful to the many people who have offered to walk -- in political races where powerful special interests are donating $250,000 to candidates, this is the only way to fight against the Dark Money from special interests.

Social Media, Websites & Email

Below are images that can be downloaded to include on social media (Nextdoor, Facebook, Twitter) as well as email.  Right click on the image and select save to download and post to social media/send in email to friends.  The QR code takes people to my site so they can learn more.  Email is easy and FREE, and you can do from your own home.  Please include and ask to share the love so voters can make an informed choice.

Screenshot 2023-02-18 122239.jpg
Of ccourse, I absolutely support evacuation modeling and reporting times, maps and impleme
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