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"If we re to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment.  Thou shalt not ration justice." - Sophocles

A nearly native Coloradan (I arrived on my 2nd birthday), I grew up in Loveland and am the proud daughter of Sally and Gene Decker.  My father is Professor Emeritus  in the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University. I lived in a log cabin while my dad was a summer ranger in Yellowstone National Park.

From Colorado to Massachusetts, I earned my B. A. in History at Amherst College. Then off to Washington D.C. where I earned my J.D. with a concentration in International Law and Human Rights at the Georgetown University Law Center.  During my 1st year of law school, as I was flying home, I met my now husband Mike Gayle, a dashing Marine, who was headed to Colorado to go camping.  It was not only an excellent distraction from my law books, it turned out to be one of my most fortuitous meetings.

Mike, is a graduate of Duke, of DU in Law & Foreign Affairs  and, in addition to his service as a Marine, he worked in Foreign Affairs as a US Diplomat which took our family all over the world starting in Pakistan.  We served in Panama, Sapporo, Washington D.C., London, Cairo, and Port-au-Prince. Mike served for two years at an unaccompanied post in Afghanistan while I was safe-havened in Cairo with a teenager and a toddler. (a glitch in the safe-haven was the Arab Spring when we had to evacuate with only two 40-pound suitcases. 

We were fortunate to land in Colorado Springs when Mike served at USAFA as the Diplomat in Residence. Mike currently works for the Department of Defense and commutes from our Sears Roebuck home on our farm in Virginia to Colorado Springs.  In addition, Mike's father, Gordon, was also a Marine and earned the Navy Cross and a Purple Heart.

Our family understands the sacrifice and critical role our military and diplomatic corps play in human rights and protecting freedom throughout the world.​  Speaking of human rights, I have been privileged to work around the world to better conditions for a variety of people in our host countries.


In Egypt,  I developed and expanded humanitarian relief projects for  Egyptians and Sudanese refugees.

  • I created  English language teaching programs.

  • I orchestrated fundraisers for food donations and medical treatment for children.

  • I assisted in the preparation of asylum petitions for Sudanese refugees headed to the EU.


In Haiti, I represented USAID as the Senior Human Rights Advisor for Democracy and Governance.

  • I collaborated with Haitian government officials, UN representatives, law enforcement agencies and other organizations to develop anti-trafficking programs.

  • I partnered with MINUSTAH (UN Peacekeeping Force - Haiti) Human Rights Advisor to identify, raise awareness, and mitigate threats to vulnerable Haitians incident to UN military presence and operations.

  • I worked for equity and access to education for people with disabilities.

  • I advocated for legal protection and the right to medical treatment for LGBTQ+ Haitians.

Back home in Colorado Springs, I continued my work initiating collaboration between multiple entities and serving in a variety of organizations:

  •  Colorado Springs World Affairs Council - International Visitors Leadership Program: I served on a team welcoming Department of State sponsored visitors to Colorado Springs and created a network of individuals and organizations including the Colorado Springs Police Department to lead workshops, conduct presentations and participate in panels on disability access, Gender-Based Violence, Human Trafficking. 

  • Inner Change Works: Consulted on matters of humanitarian relief for Nicaraguans

  • CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate): represented children in Dependency and Neglect cases to give them a voice and ensure that they received the care and services they needed

  • Catholic Charities of Central Colorado: Assisted qualified applicants with the U.S. Naturalization Interview and Test

  • Colorado Lawyers Committee:  2022 Colorado Afghan Legal Project, I prepared Asylum Petitions for our Afghan refugees

  • Pikes Peak Southern Christian Leadership Conference: I supported the late President Henry D. Allen, Jr. as a legal consultant

Inspired by a lifetime of international work promoting democracy, my mission is to restore representation to and for the people of Colorado Springs.  I have no ideological walls and approach each issue with an open mind. Having been a member of the Federalist Society (Young Republicans) at Georgetown Law and served at US Missions around the world, I have deep respect for conservative principles and our armed forces.  Likewise, my work in human rights and providing a voice for people with disabilities, women, children, and LGBTQ+ has been immensely rewarding.  I do not fit a box and never will.  What I can promise is to serve openly, with integrity and honesty.  No special interest will ever own my vote, and I will ensure that the citizens of Colorado Springs get equal and fair treatment.

My most important work has been Mom to my three children, Stephen, Sarah and James.  Stephen is a Colorado College graduate and many of you may have seen him as the CC Mascot Prowler.  Sarah is a graduate of Pikes Peak State College and James is a sophomore at Air Academy High School.  As Mom to these good humans, I was also fortunate to serve on Beyond the School Bell Board and Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Task Force.

With your support, I look forward to restoring the balance of power in our leadership where the citizens' voices are heard and respected, and the rule of law is followed.  



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