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"I come from a proud family that has been involved in education, the military and public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. I believe in representative governance and have watched as our leaders cater to special interests to all our peril.  Below you can learn how I think about some of the major issues we face.  That said, I am not an ideologue nor do I have fixed views.  If new information proves the citizens are better served, I will pivot.  What happens in your neighborhood, in our community, should be decided by you not a bought-and-paid-for-politician  or their donors.  I can promise you that no one, no individual business or special interest will ever own my vote.  Logic, reason, truth, and, most importantly, the voice of the people will drive my decisions."                                                                                                                       -Kat 


protect our neighborhoods - transparency & Fair Process

Colorado Springs is caught in a growth frenzy. The major problem lies in the
lack of transparency in the government with little or no regard for fair
process. Projects are pushed forward despite significant opposition from
surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. Multiple variances and variances
upon variances are routinely issued.

The property rights of the citizens of Colorado Springs must be balanced with
the interests of the developers.

Following the rule of law and applying the Colorado Springs City Code to
development decisions is fundamental to reaching the best outcomes for
citizens. The Code establishes norms to protect the people and their property
rights. This, in turn, protects the character of neighborhoods and allows for
the citizens of Colorado Springs to enjoy their homes.

It is time for Smart Growth. Planning must include data on safety and impact
on the surrounding area. We must improve our infrastructure to allow for
emergency access and exit from our neighborhoods and businesses.


Concerns about wildfire evacuation and the senseless Club Q shooting, murders, aggravated assaults, property theft and vandalism are palpable. No more excuses.  I will ensure we offer attractive incentives and benefits to address these shortfalls.  Public safety is the bedrock of a peaceful and thriving society.

In order to ensure the safety of every member of our community, it is imperative
that we address the approximately 70 officer deficit in the CSPD. We need to attract new officers via a three step program:

1) increased pay
2) better benefit packages
3) enhanced community training

Another critical aspect of safety is fire response. Until infrastructure can expand to handle community safety needs, building must pause in high risk areas. Neighborhoods must be able to rapidly evacuate from fire or other emergencies and must be accessible to first responders.

I support the creation of a Comprehensive Fire Evacuation Plan. Evacuation times and maps must be available to the public. Approval of future development must include an impact assessment on current evacuation capacity and capabilities.

public safety - police, fire &
Emergency response

protecting our parks & open space

Our scenic landscapes are our greatest asset and attraction. The iconic vistas of Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and Red Rock Canyon are unparalleled in the Front Range of Colorado and in the world. Securing more open space to further protect the natural beauty and the wildlife that we enjoy while ensuring that our Open Spaces are maintained and accessible is a top priority.

Our Parks, Open Spaces and Trails provide countless recreation opportunities for all of us while also attracting tourists and a high wage workforce.

I support our Trails and Open Space program and will work to increase the appropriation of tax dollars from the General Fund for maintenance of municipal parks. This will allow more of the TOPS money to be used to acquire Open Space. Fiscal responsibility needs to be restored.


Citizens with Disabilities and Seniors

As the Paralympic City and home to numerous disabled veterans, Colorado Springs should lead in providing services to all citizens with disabilities. I would increase access to services, especially in housing and transportation - enabling all individuals to age in place and to allow for more independent living and better access to medical care.

Seniors and Millennials comprise a significant portion of our population growth. I would incentivize the development of Universal Design in new housing to further promote independent living.

Attracting a more diversified workforce especially in higher wage sectors coupled with fiscal responsibility would pay for these programs.

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